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The service experts for all photovoltaic systems (irrespective of the manufacturer)

Are you the operator or owner of a photovoltaic system and want to know if your system is working properly? Benefit from our expertise. Our employees will assess your photovoltaic system irrespective of the manufacturer. That means, no matter where your system is located, who installed it or who manufactured the components, the service team can identify and correct any faults or defects. Let us advise you and benefit from our expertise.

When should you have a PV system checked?

If you believe or suspect that your PV system no longer produces the desired yield, or after natural events such as severe weather, hail or thunderstorms, you should have it inspected by an expert.

In all these cases, you should therefore have your PV yield or PV system checked by the Kyocera experts.

Why should you have your PV system checked?

It is only by optimising the use of the individual components in the photovoltaic system that its efficiency and longevity can be maximised. Photovoltaic systems are low-maintenance but not maintenance-free. Your system should therefore be regularly inspected at least once a year by a specialist in order to ensure that the PV system and its components continue to properly function in the future and that the system generates good yields.

A visual inspection should be carried out every year by a specialist,
whereby the following areas need to be examined:

  • All components in terms of damage caused by, for example, animals, weather, etc.
  • Dirt, fouling, etc.
  • Roof penetrations
  • Cabling on the roof
  • AC circuit

Every 2 to 4 years, the following checks should be carried out by a specialist:

  • Periodic inspection according to DIN EN 62446 [VDE 0126-23]
    • AC circuit
    • Continuity of the protective equipotential conductor
    • Inspection of the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current
    • Insulation resistance
    • Function check

The use of special measuring devices enables Kyocera experts to professionally check the photovoltaic system for possible faults and defects. Once the check is completed you will receive a detailed inspection report from us.

You can find out more about the inspection procedures used here.

Who are we?

Kyocera stands for high-quality solar modules and a long service life. We have helped create many pioneering solutions all around the globe since 1975, and are one of the leading manufacturers of solar energy systems.

Our services include a model all-round package: from the planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems to their regular inspection and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive offering. Our Technical Service Center in Esslingen has been active throughout Europe for more than 12 years.

All operators and owners of photovoltaic systems can now utilise this service and benefit from our many years of experience.

Get in touch with our expert service team and let us provide you with an individual and non-binding offer.

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