When does it make sense to repower?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to repower. Your system or individual components thereof might be defective, or maybe they don’t perform as expected or are unable to meet the technical requirements for modern system. Perhaps some of the parts weren’t installed properly, or original spare parts are no longer available. If you still have some way to go before your system has to be decommissioned in accordance with the 20-year funding period defined in the EEG (German Renewable Energies Act), we recommend that you consider repowering.

Why should I repower with KYOCERA?

Our expertise
We have been successfully manufacturing photovoltaic modules and planning, installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems for over 40 years. Our experts will inspect your system if it is experiencing acute problems and provide on-site assistance for planning and installation, placing the full breadth of their professional knowledge at your disposal.

Independent service for all brands
It doesn’t matter whether the manufacturer of your original system is still in business – whatever modules or inverters you need replacing, we’ll be happy to help.

Maximum yield
We will solve any problems with shade reducing the performance of your individual modules, as well as looking after your yield analysis, cleaning your system, reconfiguring your inverters and dealing with any other issues you might have. And it goes without saying that we will inspect your entire photovoltaic system (modules, inverters and mounting frame) to ensure that it is running at maximum performance, and we check your yield on a regular basis.

What advantages does repowering offer?

New components can make your system more efficient, while wiring checks and optimisation work can maximise your long-term yield and guarantee a longer service life. Repowering also offers further benefits in the form of new warranty periods and innovative new features, such as convenient, reliable remote data monitoring and display.


You can contact our expert service team in Esslingen using the following details:
Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH
Solar Technical Service Center
Fritz-Müller-Str. 27
73730 Esslingen, Germany
Tel.: +49-711-93 93 49 98

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