Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Environmentally friendly solar technology offers significant advantages especially for the power supply of remote dwellings which are not connected to the electricity grid. This technology can be set up individually for the electrical equipment to be operated (e.g. lighting system, refrigerator, radio, TV). Larger photovoltaic systems are used more and more often to replace diesel generators, which cause heavy pollution, or instead of connection to the utility grid, which is very often quite costly. In developing countries these systems can be used in rural areas to provide electricity for the basic human needs, providing light and communication.
  • Independence from imported fuel or grid electricity
  • Helps to build up local infrastructure and increase the standard of living of rural population
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance in comparison with diesel engines
  • Silent and free of pollution
  • Modular configuration, expandable when energy needs increase

House electrification by small scale solar systems in Africa

Computer lab in Kenya, electrified vie solar systems
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