Solar Modules

Kyocera solar modules – a good choice from all points of view

Kyocera have been developing and manufacturing photovoltaic modules for over 40 years. Our modules have been used in countless consumer and commercial applications and in large installations worldwide. Choose from our different range of power classes for the solar modules and find the solution that is a perfect match for your project.

Performance classes

Polycrystalline solar modules from Kyocera are available in the performance classes from 265 Wp to 270 Wp, and can be used for both grid-connected and off-grid applications.

KT265 / KK270

Module properties


  • Fully automated and integrated manufacturing processes in own production facilities
  • Maximum control with vertical integration across the entire value chain
  • Ammonia resistance - suitable for use on agricultural sites
  • Resistant to PID (potential induced degradation) and LID (light induced degradation)


  • Polycrystalline cell (156 mm x 156 mm)
  • Patented 3-busbar cell technology for higher yields
  • Low light reflection and homogeneous cell colouring impart a visual appeal to the modules


  • Black anodised and coated aluminium frame that is screwed and glued, ensuring high resistance to corrosion and a long service life
  • Load capacity:
    - KT265, KK270: 7.000 N/m² (IEC standard: 2.400 N/m²)
  • Support bars/reinforced frame:
    - KK270, KT265 reinforced frame, no support bars on the rear side

Junction box

  • Fully encapsulated with high-quality soldered connections to ensure protection against corrosion and overheating
  • Highest flame classification of 5VA as specified in UL94
  • Pre-assembled with connectors, including bypass diodes for flexible and fast module assembly

Commercial guarantee

  • 10-year product warranty
  • 25-year performance guarantee (for 10 years at 90%, for 25 years at 80%)
  • 25 years linear performance warranty (a maximum performance degression of 0.7% p.y.) for KT265-6MCA, KT265-6MPA and KK270P-3CD8CG

More information on our high-performance modules is available in our download section.

Kyocera modules meet the highest standards




We sell our high quality photovoltaic products in the sales territory of Europa, Middle East and Africa through our sales partner

Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs GmbH
Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 18
33335 Gütersloh
Tel.: +49-(0)5241-50511-0
Fax: +49-(0)5241-50511-22


You can reach our professional service team in Esslingen as follows:

Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH
Solar Technical Service Center

Fritz-Müller-Str. 27
73730 Esslingen
Tel.: +49-711-93 93 49 98

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