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Kyocera battery systems – a good choice from all points of view

The residential energy storage solution

The new solution comprises Kyocera’s battery storage system and energy monitoring software and hardware from Solare Datensysteme and can be combined with solar power generating systems to let electricity generation and storage become a reality at home. It helps contribute to energy independence and lower utility bills.

In Germany, concerns have been raised in recent years regarding grid instability following the expansion of renewable energy. In the face of declining feed-in tariffs for renewable energy and higher electricity costs, there is an increasing amount of interest in storage systems for self-consumption of the electricity generated by solar power systems.

The storage system features a multi-inverter that achieves a high charging efficiency of 97% while also realising a cost advantage for customers. The inverter and the battery box are in two separate, compact units and can be installed easily and flexibly in homes. Solar-Log*, Solare Datensysteme’s monitoring software and hardware, also provides comprehensive data on consumption in real-time, so users can further optimise their energy use at home.

New power solution with battery storage system

High-efficiency battery storage systems offer a range of simple installation options, and monitor electricity data so that users can optimise their home energy usage.

The solar power can be used straight away, and any excess is stored in the battery in case it is needed in the evening. Once the battery is full, any further excess power is fed into the public grid. If there is a power failure in the public grid, the system acts as a backup and can supply the house on a single phase.

Features of the battery system

Japan’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems for use in residential buildings*

*based on research conducted by Kyocera (last updated: 12 March 2015)

1. Available in two sizes

The batteries are available in sizes of 4.8 kWh and 7.2 kWh, allowing each customer to choose the most efficient way of charging and consuming energy in their home.



  • 7.2kWh (Type: GEGS-LM72A)


  • 4.8kWh (Type: GEGS-LM48A)

2. Multi-inverter for high-efficiency charging

The storage system is fitted with a multi-inverter, which performs the roles of both a solar power inverter and a battery inverter. The solar power can be channelled directly into the battery, keeping conversion loss to a minimum. This increases charging efficiency while also reducing device costs.

separate inverter

Kyocera multi-inverter (higher efficiency)

3. Simple, flexible installation

Instead of being housed in a single unit, the inverter and battery box are kept separate so that they are easier to transport. This also gives the user greater flexibility when deciding where to install the compact device.

4. Access to extensive power data

Solar-Log records and displays power data, such as the amount of power consumed, the amount generated using solar energy, the amount routed into and drawn from the battery and the current battery capacity. Users can then view this data on their computer, tablet or smartphone in order to further optimise their power consumption.

5. Operation modes

  • Self consumption mode
  • Stand alone mode
  • Charging mode
  • Discharging mode
  • Without battery mode

The new battery storage system is available from the sales partner listed below:

Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs GmbH
Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 18
33335 Gütersloh, Germany
Tel.: +49-(0)5241-50511-0
Fax: +49-(0)5241-50511-22

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